Corporate Breathwork Offering

Collaboration Options

Weekly Group Classes

If you would like to offer a “lunchtime” reset for your team or the whole organisation. 

Individual Classes

If you would like to offer team members the opportunity to work in a 1:1 setting with a Somatic Breathwork Coach. 

Benefits of Somatic Breathwork

Breathwork is becoming more and more popular, due to it’s proven benefits for managing stress and burnout prevention. If you want to add a class to your Corporate Wellness Programme that is not only time efficient, but also effective and that equips your team with techniques they can easily use on a daily basis to manage stress and pressure with more ease, Breathwork is what you are looking for.

Some areas where Somatic Breathwork can help:

  • if you experience (chronic) stress
  • if you want to learn to regulate your nervous system
  • if you struggle to unwind in the evenings
  • if you have trouble sleeping
  • if you want to improve digestion

Get in touch for further information, as well as customisation and pricing options.

Thinking Corporate Wellness Differently

Fast paced working environments, high pressure projects, organisational changes, …

There are plenty of potential stress creating factors every employee is handling throughout their careers – most of the time several at once. In many cases organisations provide coaching or a general wellness budget to support their employees through this, without building out a targeted programme or having a clearly defined goal behind the individual courses that are being offered.

Having worked in the fast paced tech industry in global program management position for over 6 years and therefore having experienced first hand how a lot of wellness initiatives are well intentioned, but lacking structure to assure the desired outcome and participation for more than just a few employees, I am passionate about working with companies to elevate corporate wellness to the next level. 

Now being a trained Breathwork facilitator,  certified Yoga teacher and trained Co-active Coach, I am passionate about bringing structured programmes and classes into the work environment. Everything focussed on the main desired outcome: The enablement of your employees to navigate stressful periods with self awareness and ease!

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