Discover the Power of your Breath

Somatic Breathwork is the art of connecting to your breath, the craft of regulating your nervous system and by this building resilience and tapping into the wisdom that lives within your body.

If you feel easily stressed or overwhelmed, if you are struggling with chronic disease or if you would just like to build more resilience for your fast paced job, Somatic Breathwork is for you!

Somatic Breathwork Coaching is also fro you, if you are currently healthy, but would like to truly thrive in your personal and work environment. Learn to shape your breath to support your nervous system and therefore your day to day living.

As our breath is the most immediate natural tool we have to work with our nervous system we can use it to change how we feel and to shape our performance and our relisience.

Individual Somatic Breathwork Coaching

This is for you if you...

  • have a stressful job and/or personal live
  • want to create more mental clarity
  • feel easily overwhelmed or stressed
  • would like to build more resilience
  • would like heal a chronic disease more holistically
  • want to start regulating your nervous system

What you can expect:

  • Assessment of current breathing patterns
  • Personalised Somatic Breathwork Programme (6-8 weeks)
  • Start to develop functional breathing patterns
  • Understanding and integration of breathing techniques, customised to your needs and goals
  • Gain better access to feel and learn to process emotions
  • Somatic exercises to support you on your journey

Any questions?

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