Discover the Power of your own Breath

Breathwork is much more than fast, connected breathing. Breathwork is the art of connecting with your breath, it’s tapping into the wisdom that lives within your breath and it’s the magic of becoming present in the Now.

In our modern society we have a tendency to no longer be present, to no longer be aware of our breathing patterns and to give into the pull of the business of our current world.

All of this is normal, considring the circumstances in which we are living, growing and surviving. But to be really thriving, it is essential to become aware of how you are breathing, how your breath is impacting your live, and to learn how to shape your breath to support your through your everyday life. The highs, the lows and everything in between.

Our breath is our most immediate tool to work with our nervous system and by this to influence how we feel and to self-regulate.

Private Breathwork Coaching

Private Breathwork Coaching is for you if

  • you have a stressful job and are looking for some balance
  • your life at times feels overwhelming
  • you would like to establish a practice to help you regulate your nervous system
  • you want to explore how breathwork can positively impact your life

What you can expect

  • A 60 minute 1:1 online or in-perons session
  • Assessment of current breathing patterns
  • Breath awareness practices that help you to connect to your body
  • Breathwork techniques that will support you in your current situation, ranging from activating over balancing to grounding
  • Gentle somatic exercises to support you on your journey

Press Pause

A Breathwork & Accountability Coaching Programme

Being truly present in our lives and aware of how we are feeling, together with the knowledge of how to manage & regulate ourselves,  helps us to navigate our daily, as well as those big challenges with more ease. It won’t make those challenges go away, but we will have more capacity to handle them and will be able to respond instead of react from a place of overwhelm.

At the same time, the most challenging part is to make a practice stick, that allows us to stay centred and in charge of our lives, when live get really busy. This is where the Press Pause Programme will support you. 

The Press Pause Breathwork Coaching Programme for Mindfulness and Connection has been designed to introduce you to your personal tool box of practices ranging from Breathwork over Meditation & Ceremonial Cacao to Yin & Hatha and supports you in finding your routine.

What is included

  • 4 x 60 min. individual online or in-person breathwork coaching sessions over 8-12 weeks (you decide the pace)
  • free access to online Breathwork Classes during coaching period (1 per week including recording)
  • discovery of main stressors in your day to day life and how to navigate them with more ease
  • identifying mindfulness practices that suit your individual needs and your daily routines
  • recorded guided breath-work and/or meditation, which will remain available after coaching ends

Any questions?

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